Successful cooperation with Inpat Center

September 3, 2018 - Together with various other companies in Brabant, Van den Bosch closed an agreement with the Inpat Center in 2017. Initiators Jeanne van Boekel and Lucré Cappetti are dedicated to support highly educated talent in their career move to Brabant. “It is our goal to enable a carefree settlement in Brabant.”

Carefree settlement

Many companies in Brabant already experienced the added value of the Inpat Center, as did Van den Bosch. Director Staff Services Michiel van Kessel explains: “As an international player in bulk transport, we are operating all over Europe. We have ample opportunities for ambitious international talent with knowledge of the countries we do business with and the specific languages. We are happy to welcome these new talents into our organization and want to invest in their future.” Starting a career in the Netherlands also means starting to build up a new life. “The Inpat Center helps and supports our employees in all necessary steps: from housing to financials.”

Feeling at home
The Rumanian employee Razvan is one of the employees who made the step to relocate to Erp. “After my university education in transport, I came into contact with Van den Bosch. I like working here. But besides having a nice job, it is also important to have a nice place to live.” This request ended up with the Inpat Center, as did the request to assist his colleagues Tamas and Stefania in their move to Brabant. All three have found their ‘home’ in Eindhoven. They also get assistance in banking, dealing with insurances, leisure activities and ‘feeling at home in Brabant’. 

Helping hand

Tamas: “When I was contacted for a job at Van den Bosch, I saw it as a great opportunity. I have a Master degree in Logistics Management and want to develop further, but a relocation to the Netherlands involves quite a lot, like finding a place to live and all kinds of things you have to take care of. Fortunately I was put in touch with the Inpat Center quite quickly. They did a great job in helping me.” His colleague Stefania agrees: “It is very reassuring to get support in everything that has to be arranged. You are not on your own. The Inpat Center is always there to help you.”

The Inpat Center is dedicated to support talent in coming to Brabant at a regional, national and international level. Partners and children are supported as well in matters of schooling, sports and jobs. More info:

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