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Connected through innovation

A container or trailer is much more than just a loading unit. It’s the temporary packaging of your product. Together with you, we’ll find the ideal solution for transporting your raw materials. In addition, with customisation, innovation and valuable data insights, Van den Bosch delivers so much more than just transport.

With our smart, intermodal solutions, we’re already bringing a lot of change to customers throughout Europe and Africa. Whether it’s by road, rail, sea or a combination, Van den Bosch will come up with the optimal bulk transport solution for your product. Our fleet is made up of over five thousand tank and silo containers for transporting foodstuffs as well as chemicals.

From payloads to traceability
Where others see transport as simply getting from A to B, Van den Bosch looks further. We believe bulk logistics can be smarter. And when it comes to innovative equipment, we are leading the market. Weight, cleanability, payloads, traceability... together with our partners, we’re continuously working on improving our loading units to further optimise the supply chain and make it more sustainable.

Greener supply chains
Our focus is on lightweight equipment with a maximum payload. Not only because it makes sense from a financial point of view, but also because the more volume we transport, the fewer individual shipments are required. We already have a 40ft silo container with a capacity of 29 tonnes available and transport up to 36,000 litres in our 25ft tank containers. This is just one way we’re working towards smarter and greener supply chains.

Smarter loading units
Our focus on innovation also includes temperature-controlled transport. Thanks to special devices on the loading units, liquids can be transported heated or cooled. Moreover, we are increasingly opting for heating and cooling units at strategic locations in our network to further reduce the weight of the containers. We’re also innovating by adapting smart technology to raise quality and safety levels. Examples include our ground-controlled tank containers and the Protection Outlet Box on our silo containers.

Far-reaching insights
The need for transparency in the logistics chain is growing. We are responding to this with the development of Smart Load Units. By equipping our containers with sensors, we enable you to track your shipment in real time on our customer portal FreightInsight. We don’t only provide information about the current location but also about the temperature, expected time of arrival and previous loads. In this way we work together on connectivity and transparency within your logistics chain.

Challenge us and discover how we can optimise your supply chain. 

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At Van den Bosch, we are happy to share our experience to improve the world of bulk logistics together. Please feel free to contact us with any challenge, question or request.

“We will use innovation to reduce vehicle kilometres and make transport more sustainable”

Van den Bosch Pirke van den Elsen – Chief Digital Officer