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Reach out to our online tool for sealing instructions for containers and trailers.



Check the actual status of your shipments, the estimated time of arrival and many more via FreightInsight.


Charter portal

The charter portal provides transport partners access to transport planning, work instructions, orders and feedback.


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Track your shipment

An automatic alert if your load's been delayed? Or if it's arrived at its destination a bit too early? No other business is as dynamic as bulk logistics. And for Van den Bosch, this dynamism is matched by an advanced interface presenting all the vital insights necessary for you to be prepared for any situation.

With our online customer portal FreightInsight, we offer customers real-time insights into the current status of loads. The portal also gives access to additional information, including estimated time of arrival, info about previous loads and load reports. Under constant development, it will ultimately offer integration possibilities with our customers' and partners' own logistics systems.

Insights within your reach
At Van den Bosch we're continuously investigating what is technically possible. The data we retrieve with high-tech, modular sensors feeds our business developers with insights to further optimise your supply chain and improve your business.

Van den Bosch already offers real-time insights into:

  • Current location.
  • Planned and travelled route.
  • Trip duration and expected time of arrival
  • Commodity temperature (temperature-controlled transport).
  • History of previous loads.

And it's innovating in the fields of:

  • Remote sealing and unlatching status.
  • Weighing (weighbridge no longer needed).
  • Rinse water quality after cleaning.

Always up to date
Any parameter not being met? Then an alert is automatically sent to Van den Bosch and the customer to determine the cause and solve the problem. In this way we work together on connectivity and transparency within your logistics chain.

Discover a new standard in connectivity
Get in touch with our connectivity experts and discover the unlimited possibilities in reading data remotely.

Would you like to receive new insights?

At Van den Bosch, we are happy to share our experience to improve the world of bulk logistics together. Please feel free to contact us with any challenge, question or request.

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