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Supported by a well-thought-out plan, fed by real-time insights, armed with verified reports and fortified by hands-on experience. For Van den Bosch this is just the start. There is always something more that can be changed. Improved. We'll proactively create plans to make your supply chain even more efficient and take your business to a higher level.

For us, logistics services are not just about capacity. They're all about knowledge, creativity and approaching challenges with a fresh pair of eyes. That's why we look beyond our own role in the supply chain. Because only then can we improve your business together with you by:

  • Making supply chains more sustainable.
  • Using smart concepts.
  • Contributing to transparency in the chain.

We love working together. Learning from each other. We do this with our international customers, but also with leading supply chain partners in order to shape the future of bulk logistics. Whoever works with Van den Bosch also gets access to our knowledge and learning facilities, international talent and network platforms: our pipeline for new concepts, smart innovations and sustainable solutions.

Ready to do things differently?
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New step forward in temperature controlled transport
New step forward in temperature controlled transport

Van den Bosch is introducing its latest innovation in liquid bulk transport: the High Volume Temperature Controlled Tank Container. “With this state of the art model, we are taking the next step in temperature controlled transport”, says Emiel van Haren, Operations Director divis ... Read more

Ground-level controlled manhole cover puts safety first
Ground-level controlled manhole cover puts safety first

Van den Bosch has signed an agreement with Etec for the development and supply of ground-level controlled manhole covers. This new generation of manhole covers has been developed for the transport of dry bulk goods and is unique in the market. “We’re combining innovation with saf ... Read more

‘New step towards more clarity for the sector’
‘New step towards more clarity for the sector’

The European Court of Justice in Luxemburg delivered its judgment today in the lawsuit which the Dutch Trade Union Confederation FNV had filed against Van den Bosch Transporten B.V. CEO Rico Daandels of Van den Bosch feels supported by the answers of the European Court of Ju ... Read more

“I get an enormous kick when we succeed in finding new ways to optimise our clients’ supply chains”

Van den Bosch Paul van de Vorle – Manager Business Development