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Reach out to our online tool for sealing instructions for containers and trailers.


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New version with additional access to shipping documents, customisable data insights, detailed timeline and transport notifications.



Check the actual status of your shipments, the estimated time of arrival and many more via FreightInsight.


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The charter portal provides transport partners access to transport planning, work instructions, orders and feedback.


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Leading in intermodal bulk logistics

Intermodal logistics

Road, rail and sea. Or a combination of all three. Van den Bosch has put itself on the map as a leading player in intermodal bulk logistics. Together with partners in Europe and Africa, we are developing smart, intermodal solutions. By pooling our knowledge, we’re proving that bulk logistics is not only about quantity, but increasingly about quality.

Every day we take care of global supply chain activities for customers in the food and chemicals industries. Road, water and rail modalities are combined in the most optimal way to transport various liquid and dry bulk goods to their designated destinations.

Data, insights and knowhow
It’s not just about transport. We believe that logistics is also about data, insights and knowhow. By taking a smarter approach to the supply chain, we contribute to positive, sustainable and tangible change within the sector. Every day our customers experience how Van den Bosch helps them to guarantee quality, maintain control of the supply chain, achieve CO2 targets, pick up valuable insights and even to reduce the number of shipments.

Partner network
We believe bulk logistics can always be improved. Made smarter. More sustainable. As your logistics partner, we focus on continuously optimising your supply chain. Our extensive intermodal network in Europe and Africa is a powerful asset here. Thanks to partnerships with shipping companies, rail operators, carriers, cleaning partners and agencies, we always offer a competitive solution for transporting your bulk goods.

Intermodal transition
The transition from road transport to intermodal transport has accelerated rapidly in the past decade, partly due to stimulus from the European Union. By 2030, thirty percent of long-distance traffic must be switched to a sustainable alternative. With our intermodal solutions we offer you the opportunity to operate your supply chain in an efficient, competitive and sustainable way.

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Van den Bosch With Van den Bosch

Where others see bulk transport as basically getting from A to B, Van den Bosch looks further. With customisation, innovation and valuable insights through data, Van den Bosch delivers so much more than just transport. We provide expertise. We offer choices based on result-oriented solutions. We deliver innovative concepts. All without compromising on reliability, safety and speed.

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At Van den Bosch, we are happy to share our experience to improve the world of bulk logistics together. Please feel free to contact us with any challenge, question or request.

“I see my job as being like a puzzle which you have to work as a team to solve.”

Van den Bosch Sayf Ben Ameur - Teamleader Operations Van den Bosch DMCC