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Join Van den Bosch by using BigMile
06 November 2020

Join Van den Bosch by using BigMile

Calls for sustainability in logistics are getting louder. Research, however, shows that 43% of carriers are unable to calculate their own CO2 emissions[1]. Without the right insights it is hard to determine what can be done to reduce emissions and keep track of laws and regulations. “Van den Bosch is convinced that things have to be done differently. And they can be”, says Anton Bolwerk, Commercial Director at Van den Bosch. “We therefore actively invite customers to explore the possibilities of BigMile.”

Generating CO2 footprints used to be very complicated for many transport companies. At the same time emission insights are increasingly being requested by the market. BigMile instigator and CEO Jack Pool wondered if that process couldn’t be automated. Pool explains: “Our application quickly made the potential for improvement evident. We started BigMile to make this method accessible to everyone.”

A future proof company
To comply with the National Climate Agreement, companies must drastically reduce their emissions by 2030. So the need for a simple solution that is supported by the government was apparent. “That’s why we are not only a BigMile cooperation partner, but also a great supporter”, explains Dick Schouten, sustainability expert at Van den Bosch.

Minimising your footprint
The insight that BigMile delivers provides us with the right tools to emit less CO2. “As a result of the collaboration between BigMile and Van den Bosch, shippers can build on reducing their CO2 footprint and maximising efficiency. These two go hand in hand. Thanks to the BigMile insights, we have recently achieved a CO2 saving of no less than fifty percent for Refresco[2]”, says Schouten proudly.

Going green together
Van den Bosch calls on its customers to embrace this initiative. “In fact,” says Schouten, “we are going to play a proactive role in this. That’s why we offer all our customers a baseline measurement, without obligation and free of charge. Based on data that we already meticulously collect, we – together with BigMile – will offer a clear and objective emission report. All entirely in accordance with the applicable EU standards.”

Opportunities in the chain
Armed with the emission report, Van den Bosch is looking for improvement opportunities together with its customers. “The challenge is to reduce measured emissions. Together with our business developers, we will go through the entire supply chain to see where and how we can make it more sustainable”, Schouten enthuses. “Just as we did so successfully at Refresco.”

Take the challenge
Would you like to discover how the collaboration between BigMile and Van den Bosch offers you more than just a sustainability benefit? Please contact Anton Bolwerk at More information about BigMile? Feel free to contact Jan Pronk at


Would you like to receive new insights?

At Van den Bosch, we are happy to share our experience to improve the world of bulk logistics together. Please feel free to contact us with any challenge, question or request.


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