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Customer case: Refresco
Sustainability at the core of the supply chain

Customer case: Refresco

Sustainable, Brexit-proof and cost-neutral. This was the starting point for transforming Refresco’s supply chain. Together with Van den Bosch, the world’s largest independent bottler of beverages developed an intermodal solution for refrigerated transport of fresh juices. This ‘modal shift’ proved not only efficient but also halved CO2 emissions.

“Refresco was looking for a solution for the bulk transport of fresh juices from Eastern Europe to the UK”, says Paul van de Vorle, Manager Business Development at Van den Bosch. “In recent years, their demand for fresh juices has grown and the increase has resulted in various supply chain challenges. We were asked to create a suitable solution.”  

Temperature-controlled transport
“Fresh juices shouldn’t stay in a tank container for too long because that could affect the quality of the product”, explains Van de Vorle. Together with Refresco, we developed an intermodal solution for temperature-controlled transport. The juices are shipped from Poland to the UK in refrigerated tank containers. “We use a combination of modalities: transport by road, rail and short sea. Thanks to our highly insulated equipment, the temperature never exceeds the agreed limit. This keeps the product quality optimal throughout the total transit time.”

Halving CO2 emissions
By using multiple modalities on the Poland–UK route, Refresco achieves an impressive fifty percent CO2 savings. “This makes a huge contribution to achieving their mission of supplying one hundred percent sustainable juices by 2030”, says Van de Vorle. “In addition, we now also offer Refresco the opportunity to manage Brexit-related issues by making refrigerated tanks available on demand in the port.”

Next step
The next step is to use higher volume temperature-controlled tank containers. Van de Vorle: “This will allow Refresco to transport ten percent more product volume. This will lead to an even more sustainable supply chain because the number of transport movements will decrease.” 

“Our partnership has allowed us to reduce our road haulage mileage by up to half a million miles per annum. With sustainability at the core of our strategy, the switch to intermodal transport has delivered a 50% reduction in CO2 for those loads. Looking ahead to the UK’s exit from the European Union, the use of temperature controlled tanks will also mitigate against potential import delays keeping our product at the highest possible quality prior to packing.”
Simon Seyb Logistics Contract Manager | Refresco UK

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“I get an enormous kick when we succeed in finding new ways to optimise our clients’ supply chains”

Van den Bosch Paul van de Vorle – Director Business Development