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Van den Bosch starts a new phase
10 October 2020

Van den Bosch starts a new phase

There is an increasing need for insights in bulk logistics. Insights that lead to efficient solutions with a positive impact on quality, sustainability, safety and costs. Today Van den Bosch presents a new growth strategy and market positioning ‘The Supply Changer in Bulk’, through which the logistics service provider wants to ensure sustainable change in the sector.

According to Van den Bosch, data analysis, digitisation, innovations and a more wide-ranging approach to the supply chain all contribute to smarter kind of bulk logistics. An extensive intermodal network remains essential in this respect. In fact, the logistics service provider wants to expand its network even more in the coming years by investing in smart equipment, an ambitious sustainability approach and a knowledge lab for open innovation.

Insights through data
Van den Bosch combines logistics knowledge and experience with the possibilities that data, technology and automation offer. The insights obtained in this way provide Van den Bosch with much more control over the logistics chain. That means higher delivery reliability, more transparency in the supply chain, fewer empty kilometres and a lower CO2 footprint for its clients. So, for example, customers can receive integrated CO2 advice based on an emissions calculator. New insights like these also offer far-reaching possibilities for developing new concepts and evaluating scenarios for optimising supply chains.

The Supply Changer in Bulk
The change that Van den Bosch wants to realise in the bulk sector goes hand in hand with a repositioning of the brand. Van den Bosch is introducing a new communication style, removing the word ‘Transport’ from the company name and marking the next step in its evolution with the new promise: ‘The Supply Changer in Bulk’.

Changing market demand
Van den Bosch CEO Rico Daandels explains: “Market demand is changing and we are responding to that. We want to further strengthen our leading position in order to make smart bulk logistics and more efficient supply chains a reality together with customers. Intermodal transport is of course an essential part of this, but fundamentally it’s about accumulating fewer kilometres. Bulk logistics is about more than just quantity. Quality through insights, knowledge and data is essential to perform as optimally and sustainably as possible.”

Smart Load Units
In line with its digital revolution, Van den Bosch is also a forerunner in the field of Smart Load Units: smart tank and silo containers that are not only tracked in real time, but which provide clear temperature, weight, seal status and cleaning quality indicators using smart sensors. Combining all the data available along with specific customer requirements using advanced planning software, the most appropriate equipment and optimal intermodal route can be selected. Based on this, the customer then receives comprehensive information enabling them to make a well-considered choice balancing the impacts on costs, time, CO2 emissions and performance.

Van den Bosch wants to be the industry leader in sustainability by 2025. The sustainable transition has been set in motion over the past decades. Eighty percent of transport is now carried out intermodally. What’s more, payloads have increased which means that the number of transport movements has decreased. This results in significant CO2 savings. Van den Bosch’s ambition is to further reduce emissions for both customers and within its own organisation. Consequently, all locations will be completely climate neutral by 2025.

Network of the future
Van den Bosch has built up a reliable and proven network in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In addition to the traditional aspects of the network, Van den Bosch wants to further develop through innovative, sustainable and future-oriented networks and partnerships. In light of this, its knowledge lab will become available from 2021, where students, researchers, knowledge institutions, customers, partners and its own organisation will come together. This hotbed for open innovation aims to boost meaningful change within the supply chain of bulk.

More information about the repositioning is available at

Would you like to receive new insights?

At Van den Bosch, we are happy to share our experience to improve the world of bulk logistics together. Please feel free to contact us with any challenge, question or request.


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