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On a journey to a better world

On a journey to a better world

The importance of sustainable logistics is growing. Smarter and greener solutions are required. But most importantly, sustainability begins with oneself. Van den Bosch wants to contribute to positive, sustainable and dependable change in the supply chain through intelligent innovation.

As a logistics service provider, we inevitably make demands on our environment every day. But we are going to turn this around. By 2025, we aim to be the industry leader in terms of sustainability. Contributing, together with our partners, to a better world. The ambition is great and the bar is set high.

Transition to sustainability
When it comes to sustainability, we’re using our knowledge and experience to accelerate the pace of change. Over the past decade, we have been actively transitioning to a greener model. At least eighty percent of our transport is now intermodal. This ensures significant CO2 savings every day. And, due to the development of smart equipment, we have also increased payload to reduce the number of overall transport movements.

Greener supply chains
Our partners experience daily how we help them achieve their CO2 targets. Together, we look for new opportunities to make the supply chain more sustainable. For example, we map CO2 emissions per scenario and possibly per order. We share these results with the customer. In this way, we help them to do business optimally, sustainably and smarter themselves. 

Climate neutral by 2025
If you want to be a leader in sustainability, you have to set a good example. We are therefore working hard to minimise our footprint. In fact, by 2025 all Van den Bosch locations in the Netherlands will be climate neutral. In the meantime, we are exploring the use of smart and sustainable innovations, such as electric- and hydrogen-powered transport. Topics such as sustainable employability, training & development as well as quality & safety are also high on the agenda to achieve our sustainability goals.

EcoVadis sustainability rating
EcoVadis helps companies evaluate their sustainability performance, aiming to improve environmental and social practices. Van den Bosch managed to score a silver medal in all areas of the evaluation in 2022.

Support for UNICEF

As a logistics service provider, we transport food products on a daily basis. Hunger in the world is something that affects us enormously. Of course we cannot solve this problem ourselves, but we can take our social responsibility. That’s why we have been supporting UNICEF in its activities since 2011. Read more.

Want to contribute to a better environment too?
Interested about the sustainability benefits you could achieve? We would be happy to discuss the possibilities for making your supply chain more sustainable.

Would you like to receive new insights?

At Van den Bosch, we are happy to share our experience to improve the world of bulk logistics together. Please feel free to contact us with any challenge, question or request.

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Van den Bosch Helping UNICEF make the difference