Opening tank cleaning station in port of Tema

3 November 2016 – Logistic services providers Van den Bosch and MTG have opened a tank cleaning station in the port of Tema, Ghana. The cleaning station was built according to Western European quality standards and is the first of its kind in West Africa. 

The official opening was performed by Ron Strikker, the Dutch ambassador in Ghana, on the 3rd of November. “I would like to congratulate Van den Bosch and MTG with this achievement. The cleaning is a new example of the expanding number of Dutch investments in Ghana”, says Mr Strikker.

Step forward
The start of the tank cleaning station is a new step forward on the African market for Van den Bosch. “A growing number of companies chooses to ship their liquids to Africa as bulk freight instead of small packaging”, says Paul van de Vorle, member of the Team of Directors at Van den Bosch. “With the start of the tank cleaning station, we are able to link inbound and outbound cargo flows more easily and to support  companies in making the switch to bulk transport. This will provide many advantages in terms of handling, heating and savings in packaging costs.”

Sustainable transport
Moreover, the tank cleaning station will lead to more sustainable transport on the Ghanaian market. Van de Vorle explains: “Tank containers cannot be cleaned professionally anywhere in West Africa yet. Through this tank cleaning station, it is now possible to have tank containers cleaned in Ghana, which leads to new possibilities for shipping and transport companies. The cleaning station will create a better balance between inbound and outbound cargo flows and reduces the number of empty transport movements. In short: a sustainable logistic solution.” 

Added value
The cleaning station is operated by MTG, a subsidiary of logistic services provider Portside. Last year Van den Bosch started a cooperation with Portside, that acts as the appointed agent for the Ghanaian market. MTG also owns the container depot in Tema, where the cleaning station is located. Managing Director Bas de Vaal expresses his enthusiasm about the cleaning station: “We can now provide a full logistics concept to all importing and exporting companies of liquid bulk goods. Moreover, tank containers can also be used to transport liquid bulk goods to various land locked countries, such as Burkina Faso and Niger.”

European quality standards
The tank cleaning was built according to the highest European quality standards and also meets all Kosher and Halal cleaning requirements. 

Netherlands ambassador in Ghana, Ron Strikker, opens the tank cleaning station

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