News Archive

2020-04-16: Recertification GMP+ for Van den Bosch
2020-02-28: Rick van Os appointed as CFO Van den Bosch
2020-02-18: Van den Bosch takes next step in food safety
2020-02-12: Van den Bosch acquires Willis Larsson Transport

2019-10-28: Working anniversary celebration 2019
2019-09-04: Lightweight Trucks for Van den Bosch
2019-08-13: Strategic partnership Van den Bosch & STACKS
2019-07-23: Van den Bosch introduces FreightInsight
2019-05-21: Van den Bosch selects Renault Trucks
2019-03-19: Van den Bosch present again at Transport Logistic
2019-01-24: Van den Bosch continues collaboration with UNICEF
2019-01-15: First activities for the Asian market
2019-01-15: Keep on Learning at Van den Bosch

2018-12-12: Van den Bosch start talent development program
2018-11-26: Working anniversary celebration 2018
2018-11-23: Update ongoing legal cases
2018-11-20: 20th anniversary container depot Bergen op Zoom
2018-10-15: Information on Brexit and potential consequences
2018-10-04: Van den Bosch welcomes ENFIT
2018-09-24: Strong growth of pressurized container activities
2018-09-03: Successful cooperation with Inpat Center
2018-06-15: New ISO 9001:2015 certificate for Van den Bosch
2018-05-08: Takeover of Broekema Bulk by Van den Bosch
2018-04-10: Van den Bosch welcomes new trucks
2018-04-05: Introduction job portal
2018-03-18: Presentation of Rabbi P.A. Meyers
2018-01-09: 42 new Renault trucks for Van den Bosch

2017-11-20: UNICEF in action against malnutrition Benin
2017-11-06: Working anniversary celebration
2017-08-21: Van den Bosch present at Anuga
2017-07-03: Van den Bosch launches intensive training program
2017-06-22: Van den Bosch expands with flexitanks
2017-05-02: Van den Bosch Transporten appeal succeeds
2017-04-24: Interview with GMP+ International
2017-03-07: Van den Bosch present again at Transport Logistic
2017-02-10: Van den Bosch invests in new board computers

2016-12-20: Van den Bosch extends UNICEF cooperation
2016-12-14: 50 new silo containers for Van den Bosch
2016-11-03: Opening tank cleaning station in Port of Tema
2016-07-20: Mariaschool learns about blind spot
2016-07-06: Bram van Hedel winner of Smart Trucker Challenge
2016-06-13: Obituary notice Mr Ad van den Bosch
2016-04-28: Safety Event at Dow Terneuzen
2016-02-18: Van den Bosch selects Quintiq

2015-11-01: 500 new tank containers for Van den Bosch
2015-09-15: Van den Bosch expands in Africa and Middle East
2015-08-20: New MAN trucks for Sloten BV
2015-07-14: Opening decanter Bergen op Zoom
2015-06-20: Smart technology in trucks
2015-05-28: V-CO will paint equipment Van den Bosch
2015-05-15: Winner contest Transport Logistic
2015-03-27: Obituary notice Mrs. Mia van den Bosch
2015-02-10: Van den Bosch present at Transport Logistic