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Reach out to our online tool for sealing instructions for containers and trailers.



Check the actual status of your shipments, the estimated time of arrival and many more via FreightInsight.


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The charter portal provides transport partners access to transport planning, work instructions, orders and feedback.


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Tengio is the communication portal for Van den Bosch employees. Get connected!


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Stay up to date on our latest procedures and e-learnings via our online Academy.


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Employees can log in via a remote Citrix login. Receive your login via the ICT Service Desk.


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Online Outlook webportal for drivers.



The current market is craving the solutions that Bulkio offers

The current transport market knows many challenges. Transport streams are changing due to the uncertainties around the war in Ukraine, and sky-rocketing energy costs make it difficult for carriers to stick to agreements. This combined with the consequences of Brexit and the recen ... Read more

“Capacity can no longer be taken for granted”

For months now, demand has exceeded availability of load units. Economic growth has considerably increased the demand for goods. On top of that come the consequences and uncertainties caused by the war in Ukraine. The result: serious capacity challenges in the logistics sector. T ... Read more

Passionate about knowledge and development

Van den Bosch is driven by data, knowledge, and expertise, and so is John Wijts. He grew up surrounded by logistics, seen as his father was a driver. He took advantage of this every summer, travelling as a passenger for weeks on end. In the end, the passenger seat was replaced by ... Read more

Optimising the supply chain through additional data

Transparency, clarity and efficiency. The collection of a variety of data can make things easier and more insightful. Not only for Van den Bosch, but due to the possibility to share this data, also for the customers. This provides customisation for the entire supply chain. Read more

"Continuing on the present road is no longer an option"

The logistics sector is under huge pressure. Demand is increasing, costs are rising, and the driver shortage is worsening. The question that concerns us all is: How can we guarantee supply chain reliability? Read more

Customer case: BioMar

BioMar is one of the leading suppliers of high performance feed to the aquaculture industry worldwide. The company operates in more than 80 countries and is committed to developing the aquaculture sector in a responsible and sustainable way. Innovation features prominently in thi ... Read more