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Dry Chemicals

Demand for raw materials for the chemical industry is growing. And Van den Bosch is growing along with it. Over recent years we have developed extensive capabilities, particularly in the field of transporting powders. In fact we have become European market leader in pressurised silo containers used for this transportation specialism.

Our 30ft and 40ft silo containers are used for transport by road, rail and sea. Thanks to continuous investment in equipment and collaboration with shipping partners, shipping companies and carriers, we offer a comprehensive European network for transporting dry bulk goods. Acquiring fellow companies Broekema Bulk in the Netherlands and Willis Larsson Transport in Sweden has only reinforced this.

Transporting powders
For transporting powders, such as starch and PVC powder, we use pressurised silo containers with 49m3 to 65m3 capacities. These pressurised containers significantly speed up unloading times. By transporting products with a lower specific weight in 40ft silo containers, we also maximise payloads. That really pays off in terms of costs and sustainability because it reduces the number of shipments necessary.

Granulated products
We use non-pressurised silo containers for granulated products such as plastic granulate. That’s also the case with transporting raw materials for the animal feed industry. Here too we’re innovating by, for example, using high cube containers which enable us to offer extra capacity: up to 59m3. Non-pressurised containers are ideal for loose bulk products, for temporary storage and granulated products unloaded with a rotary valve.

Safety first
Safety is the top priority. Our loading units are specifically intended for the transport of chemical raw materials. Our drivers are also specially trained for this specialisation within bulk logistics. They are knowledgeable, understand their profession and have an irresistible passion for it: from loading to transporting and unloading on site.

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