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Customer case: Zoogamma
The power of tailor-made concepts

Customer case: Zoogamma

As a supply chain director, Van den Bosch connects needs to concepts. Challenges to solutions. Data to insights. And change to improvement. That’s what we did for Zoogamma, the largest producer of calf milk powder and dairy ingredients in Italy. We optimised their supply chain with an effective tailor-made concept.

Zoogamma produces raw materials that are used for the preparation of calf feed. VanDrie Group, the parent company of Zoogamma, asked us to help them think about making the supply chain more sustainable. “We at Van den Bosch were happy to take on this challenge. By shifting to intermodal transport in pressurised containers, not only has the payload increased by 10 percent, but CO2 emissions have also been significantly reduced”, says Paul van de Vorle, Manager Business Development.


The foundations for improvement had been laid. The next step was to optimise the on-site logistics. The number of vehicle movements on the factory site in Italy is enormous and coordinating arrival and loading times is essential. “Based on our vision that bulk logistics can be smarter, the idea for a warehouse concept next to the factory site arose. In this way we disconnect the loading process from the transport process, which improves efficiency on the site”, according to Barry Gruijters, Operations Director division Dry Bulk.

“It’s wonderful to develop new ideas together with Van den Bosch and we’ve created a great collaboration. This encourages a long-term vision in which all interests are represented.”
Theo Koster, Manager Food and Feed Ingredients at VanDrie Ingredients
Smart innovations

We are working on further improvement with smart innovations. Gruijters: “For example, our chassis are equipped with a weighing system, which makes the weight of the container immediately visible. Drivers no longer have to go to the weighbridge and always load the maximum amount of raw material. That’s efficient and good for the environment.”

Innovation of the future

Meanwhile, we have plenty of ideas for the future. “An intelligent overhead crane will be installed in the warehouse. By linking Zoogamma’s warehouse management system and Van den Bosch’s Advanced Planning System, we can trace containers. As the supply chain director we always keep an eye on the supply chain”, Van de Vorle concludes.

Curious about what we can do for you? We would be happy to discuss the possibilities for your supply chain.

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“Van den Bosch is convinced things have to change. And they can be”

Van den Bosch Anton Bolwerk – Commercial Director