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Van den Bosch supports Operation Clean Sweep
Sustainability and safety

Van den Bosch supports Operation Clean Sweep

Van den Bosch is a member of Operation Clean Sweep (OCS), because of our core values such as sustainability and safety, among other things. This is an initiative of the international plastics industry, with the aim of reducing the loss of plastic pellets. 

The OCS collaborative programme focuses on raising awareness, disseminating best practices and providing guidance and resources. It helps companies that operate in and on behalf of the plastics industry to take necessary measures to prevent the loss of plastic pellets.

The plastics industry in the Netherlands includes both plastic-producing companies (united in Plastics Europe) and plastics-processing companies (united in the Dutch Rubber and Plastics industry).

Innovative trailer
Van den Bosch is actively working on preventing spills during loading, unloading and transport. For example, we have developed a trailer with ground-operated manhole covers. The manhole covers for loading are operated from the ground by the driver. This is not only safer, since drivers no longer have to climb on the trailer, but also reduces the risk of spills, as the lids are closed pneumatically. Moreover, it shortens the length of time the lids are open, which benefits the quality of the product.

"The trailer has been used for one customer for some time now and we are happy to report that both the customer and the recipients are responding enthusiastically to it," says Barry Gruijters, Operations Director division Dry Bulk at Van den Bosch. "So this trailer is not only helping to fulfil our own ambition regarding OCS, but is also helping other organisations to achieve their goals."

Sharing knowledge
While we aim to prevent spills at all costs, we also want to be prepared for such an eventuality. That’s why all our drivers undergo intensive training in our Van den Bosch Academy. They know how to act, for example, to:

  • Prevent the loss of product
  • Clean up spilled product quickly and effectively
  • Dispose of spilled product correctly

Besides that, we think it’s important that our partners are aware of the recommended method of dealing with plastic pellets. "We see it as a social obligation to involve our stakeholders in this," says Frank van den Tillaar, QESH manager at Van den Bosch. "That’s why we actively approach our suppliers with the request to participate in OCS by signing a pledge. In this way, we are contributing together to a safe and sustainable environment." 

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Van den Bosch Barry Gruijters – Managing Director Bulkio