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From planning to prediction

The power of Quintiq

Since 2016 Van den Bosch has been working with Quintiq: an advanced planning system that helps us to create and manage an overview of the supply chain. Project manager Teun Franssen started its implementation two years before the actual rollout. “Quite a job, but now Quintiq knows just as much as a human planner. So we are ready for the next phase: the Quintiq Planning Optimiser.”

Quintiq is currently used by planners as a decision support tool to get a load from A to B. “Soon the planner will take it a lot further. The Quintiq Planning Optimiser will autonomously select the correct equipment and calculate the ideal route. The planner will mainly have a controlling function: Is Quintiq’s suggestion the optimal option? Our planners can literally turn the knobs to achieve the optimum in terms of costs, speed, delivery reliability and, for example, emissions”, says Franssen.

“We have managed to digitise our planners’ years of experience”

Smart repository
It took years of coding, discussion and definition to get the Quintiq Planning Optimiser to do this. “You can see Quintiq as an enormous, smart repository full of customer needs, requirements and specifications in the fields of raw materials, modalities, equipment and routes. There are dozens of variables, all of which we have defined in detail. We have managed to digitise our planners’ years of experience.”

“A big advantage is the assurance of quality and processes”, Franssen continues. “For example, each time an order is placed we record which cleaning procedure is used and which loads have been approved previously. Those requirements are fixed and cannot be deviated from. In this way Quintiq helps us to deal even more safely, more efficiently and more precisely with the logistical challenges of our customer.”

“Everyone instinctively wants the most sustainable solution, but only if it is also the most cost-effective”

Insight into sustainability
These days, customer conversations are more and more about sustainability and reducing carbon footprints. “Everyone instinctively wants the most sustainable solution, but only if it is also the most cost-effective. We carefully map the possibilities and alternatives, so that our client gets a good picture of the total playing field. Costs, time, emissions, performance: by accurately predicting all elements in advance, our customers can make an informed choice”, Franssen concludes.

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