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The future of Smart Load Units

The future of Smart Load Units

Doing things just a little smarter: that's how we like to work at Van den Bosch. Which is why we put so much effort into obtaining data which delivers valuable insights. Recently we've partnered with Xeelas, a specialist in monitoring and tracking hardware, to develop Smart Load Units.

Smart Load Units originated from the philosophy that a container should be the source of all relevant information. Currently we receive information from the truck's on-board computer including the real-time location, the amount of traffic on the road and the estimated time of arrival. In the case of intermodal transport, this is particularly time consuming and challenging. Additionally, shippers need more comprehensive and more detailed information - and they need it much faster. That's why we asked ourselves the question: What would it take to get this information from the container into our systems in a fully automated way?

Communication module
Together with Xeelas, we're searching for answers. We have developed a communication module that's easy to mount on our containers. We can link various sensors to this module: GPS to show current location is the most obvious example. Hardware to accurately measure temperature, weight and even cleaning quality are also part of this innovation revolution.

“By collecting data, we can give advice that really benefits customers. All backed up with facts and figures.”

From data to problem solving
By collecting data, we can give advice that really benefits customers. All backed up with facts and figures. The transformation from analysing a situation to automatically coming up with solutions for it is in full swing. We're no longer just responding to changes in the supply chain but are keeping one step ahead of them.

Get on board for autonomous driving
Van den Bosch isn't doing this simply for the insights themselves or the ability to share them with customers. We’re also keeping a close eye on the future of our industry. Self-driving trucks are on the way. This isn't something from the future… it's reality. How will we handle all the information generated? What if the container is transported by train or boat? That's right: through the power of Smart Load Units.

Challenge us
Customisation has always been a key part of improving your supply chain. That goes for setting it up in the first place but also for making Smart Load Units work for your organisation. And having them communicate directly with your transport management system, for example. Want to know more about the possibilities? Get in touch. We're ready for any challenge!

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“We will use innovation to reduce vehicle kilometres and make transport more sustainable”

Van den Bosch Pirke van den Elsen – Chief Digital Officer