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The current market is craving the solutions that Bulkio offers

The current market is craving the solutions that Bulkio offers

The current transport market knows many challenges. Transport streams are changing due to the uncertainties around the war in Ukraine, and sky-rocketing energy costs make it difficult for carriers to stick to agreements. This combined with the consequences of Brexit and the recent strikes in Spain cause the need for capacity to exceed the amount of load units. The spot-transport market is inevitable. The answer? Bulkio.

To successfully tackle the challenges in the changes market, efficiency is key. “That aligns perfectly with Bulkio’s mission: to put the current empty kilometres to efficient use. Our primary analyses reveal that the carriers within our network run empty kilometres approximately 35 percent of the time. This means that there is plenty of capacity left,” says Pirke van den Elsen, managing director at Bulkio.

Over 900 carriers are now connected to the Bulkio platform. This enormous network contributes to finding available capacity. Thanks to the technical expertise, the support of eighty parameters, advanced algorithms, and smart sensors, this is performed lightning fast. Van den Elsen: “Bulkio is a data-driven environment. Our systems show where the empty kilometres lie, but also which certifications the carrier has. Through our data, the system immediately generates the most suitable carrier for our transport request, which allows us to act quickly without being dependent on individuals. That is unique.”

Next to this we have Bulkio Connect. “By placing sensors on the containers, we can follow it live and more accurately predict which containers are or will be empty. If we see the same empty rides more often, suggestions can be made to fill these empty kilometres. This seamlessly aligns with the need for forecasting: forecasting at microlevel.”

With a large network and the smart use of data Bulkio is designed to act quickly on the spot market. If you, as a shipper, are lucky enough to find a suitable carrier, you are usually not done yet. Van den Elsen: “Creating and approving the concerned carrier causes a lot of administrative hassle. Bulkio removes that stress. No new account needs to be created; all carriers that are deployed already have a Bulkio account. Licenses do not have to be verified; we did this already. ‘That one shipping job’ for the shipper, is the umpteenth one for Bulkio. When an order is accepted, we arrange for everything up to and including the invoice.”

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