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Passionate about knowledge and development
Van den Bosch Academy

Passionate about knowledge and development

Van den Bosch is driven by data, knowledge, and expertise, and so is John Wijts. He grew up surrounded by logistics, seen as his father was a driver. He took advantage of this every summer, travelling as a passenger for weeks on end. In the end, the passenger seat was replaced by the driver’s seat, and now, ten years later, he uses his experience in his role as trainer in our Driver Academy. According to him this is “the best place work within the organisation”.

In 2021, the Van den Bosch Academy underwent a complete restoration and opened as a completely new knowledge centre: a professional learning environment where all our expertise and experience come together. As a transporter of bulk, our knowledge of the business is specific, and so are our trainings. Just like the business that is continuously changing, the new Academy is in continuous development.

“Four different levels are being developed for our drivers” says Wijts. Every driver that successfully completes the basic introduction training, is awarded the level Responsible Driver. The drivers can then continue training to advance to Master Driver. “They will be able to coach beginning drivers in the future. The biggest hurdle after the training is the first week on the road. Fortunately, we see a great support within the team. This way everyone can help one another out.”

The basics
With thirteen establishments within and outside of the Netherlands, the Academy is the heart of the organisation. We strive for an equal level across all our international and national establishments. Therefore, we make sure to receive drivers who will be driving internationally at our Academy in Erp as well. Wijts: “This is fundamentally a point to which every driver can return. It is important to provide the freedom to ask questions or share doubts. A driver must feel heard.”

Keep learning
Knowledge and expertise motivate not only our drivers, but everyone within Van den Bosch. “I find it equally important to keep developing myself; I will now delve into how to give a Code 95-training” explains Wijts. “Everyone should keep learning, regardless of your level of experience. Stagnation is deterioration.”

Would you like to receive new insights?

At Van den Bosch, we are happy to share our experience to improve the world of bulk logistics together. Please feel free to contact us with any challenge, question or request.

“I think it’s great that I can now share my passion and experience”

Van den Bosch Carlo Meeuwsen – Master driver division Dry Bulk