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Driven by expertise

At Van den Bosch you will find numerous disciplines. However much individuals stand out in their own field, we all have one thing in common: everyone of us is driven by expertise and passion. Marcel Tijssen excels in his profession as a Master Driver. With years of experience under his belt, he knows exactly how to deal with quality, safety and customer needs.

We pool all our knowhow to show that bulk logistics is not just about quantity, but more and more about quality. “It’s particularly important to know which quality and safety requirements are being maintained in practice. Every product is different and therefore requires a specific approach. Experience, product knowledge and expertise are essential”, says Tijssen.

We guarantee quality together. Quality that can be felt in every link of the supply chain. To employee, customer, end user and society. Tijssen has years of experience in intermodal bulk transport and knows exactly what the customer expects. “For example, if I’m supposed to be somewhere at 1:00 pm, but I know the customer is usually ready early, I make sure I get there sooner. Reliability and flexibility are so important in our profession.”

“Anticipating customer needs is necessary to make a difference every day”

Marcel’s work is a specialty. “I drive with a special low deck chassis, which is lower than other chassis. This one has been specially developed for a non-pressurised high cube silo container with a capacity of 59m3. Because the containers have so much capacity, they are three meters high. This requires not only a special chassis, but also a special way of unloading. It’s important that you know exactly what you are doing.”

Transfer knowledge
We have an irresistible passion for our business and are happy to share it. “I also use my knowledge and experience to provide Food Safety training to other drivers and transport partners in the Van den Bosch Academy. Asking questions and using your practical experience makes you a better driver. Anticipating the needs of the customer is necessary to make a difference every day,” Tijssen says proudly.

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