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“Dare to dream and work towards your goals”
Chauffeuse speaking

“Dare to dream and work towards your goals”

What do you mean, truck driver is typically a man’s job? Fanni Csonka, chauffeuse at Van den Bosch in Hungary, shows that things like physically demanding work, long working hours and independence are equally suited to her.

Fanni Csonka is a driver for the Liquid Bulk department at the Van den Bosch branch in Hungary. She lives in the small village of Nagydorog, not far from the town of Szekszárd where she was born 27 years ago. She grew up in a farming family, obtained a degree in the agricultural sector and her goal was to take over her family's farm.

But due to rising production costs, she took a different path. “I like driving,” says Csonka. “My father encouraged me to obtain a category C and E driver's license and become a driver. In 2020, that dream came true and I started working for a tipper company, where I started driving with a Volvo FH 500.”

Good character
What appeals to her about the profession as a driver? “That I’m fully responsible for the work I do. A driver has a big responsibility on the road, both for their own safety and that of others, for the integrity of the goods and the quality of the work.” What does all that require? “Composure, precision and good character,” laughs Csonka.

Despite the pleasure she now derives from her work on a daily basis, her career was not an automatic success. “People often ignore the fact that a woman can handle the technical side too, and love it. I think that a large part of society, with exceptions, devalues women. Skilled women who dare to take on the challenge are not automatically accepted and often underestimated.”

But instead of giving up on her dreams, Csonka was determined to prove herself. "I never give up - and I want to get better at my job. We have to accept that women can be professionals in any position. I’m sure that if we all encourage women, we’ll see more female drivers.”

Csonka is now completely at home at Van den Bosch. “I’m part of a fantastic close-knit team where everyone accepts me. I’m pleased with every small success I have, because then one of my many dreams has been achieved.” She especially wants to pass that idea on to everyone: “Dare to dream, work towards your goals and enjoy your success!”

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“I see my job as being like a puzzle which you have to work as a team to solve.”

Van den Bosch Sayf Ben Ameur - Teamleader Operations Van den Bosch DMCC