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Customer case: BioMar
Process optimisation with advanced stock concept

Customer case: BioMar

BioMar is one of the leading suppliers of high performance feed to the aquaculture industry worldwide. The company operates in more than 80 countries and is committed to developing the aquaculture sector in a responsible and sustainable way. Innovation features prominently in this. Not only in the development of products, but also within the production process. 

A good example of an innovative and partnership approach, was a new mixture of protein-rich oils used for the production of fish food. This mixture, consisting of a combination of soy lecithin and soy fatty acids, requires a specific approach as the product must remain homogeneous and be kept at the correct temperature during storage.

Advanced Storage Tank Containers

Van den Bosch developed an innovative stock concept to prepare BioMar's plant in Grangemouth, Scotland, to receive this new mixture. Commercial Manager Frank van Kroonenburg explains: "We installed two technically advanced storage tank containers on site in Grangemouth. The product is temporarily stored in these 25ft tank containers, so that BioMar creates a sufficient buffer at the production site and the production process doesn’t have to halt during an unloading. The tank containers are equipped with an agitator to continuously mix and keep the product homogeneous, while the product is also kept at the required temperature by means of a heating unit. In short: a tailormade stock concept, so BioMar can guarantee the progress of the production process at all times."

Data exchange
A special feature of the stock concept is the link with data. The tank containers can be read out in real time, thanks to advanced sensors. The product level, temperature and status of the agitator can be monitored via an online portal. "As soon as the product stock level is too low, or a technical malfunction occurs, the system automatically gives a notification", says Van Kroonenburg. "An accurate prediction of the future requirement can also be made based on the data. By exchanging data efficiently, we work on continuous process optimisation within BioMar's supply chain. Now, a few years on, these tank containers are still in Grangemouth to support the supply chain and help BioMar to remain progressive and innovative."

“Bulk liquid storage is an essential interface for the storage of oils used in the manufacture of our feeds. Van den Bosch helped us with the supply of two new 32,000 liter tanks. The tanks are exceptionally well constructed and ensure perfect heating of our products, all manufactured to meet our strict feed supply procedures. The experience with Van den Bosch was extremely detailed: from initial site visits and showing the solutions they had created in other industries, to meeting their supply chain team who manufactured the tanks. Meeting the people and experiencing their passion for what they do, helped us with the manufacturing and supply ánd enabled us to have a good customer experience from design to delivery.”
Christopher Strain, Engineering Manager at BioMar Ltd.

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