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A next step in learning and development
talent development programme

A next step in learning and development

A talent development programme that focuses on future potential by concentrating on personal leadership, cooperation and the business of Van den Bosch. That's what this talent development programme is all about. “For employees who have the talent and ambition to go further,” says Michiel van Kessel, Director of Staff Services.

The talent development programme came about through cooperation between Van den Bosch and Younited, a company specialised in professional coaching. Van Kessel: “We decided that the programme had to suit us perfectly, reflecting all that we stand for. Not only our business, but also, for example, our core values.” According to Van Kessel, it was a logical choice to work with Younited on this programme. “We've been working together for over five years. It started with coaching for the managers and team leaders. The fact that we are now preparing our talents for the future together with them brings us full circle.”

Business case
In the course of the programme, a business case is worked on, among other things. “This makes it a real Van den Bosch programme,” says Van Kessel. A strategic issue is used in which Pirke van den Elsen, Chief Digital Officer at Van den Bosch, acts as the client. Van Kessel: “This runs like a common thread through the programme, and everything that is learned can be applied to it. Such as cooperation. It’s not always easy, can be exciting or difficult, but that’s exactly what makes it great. The programme holds up a mirror and helps you get to know yourself. You can then put that knowledge to good use.”

Out of the comfort zone
Yvonne van Oosten, founder of Younited and co-developer of the talent programme, agrees with Van Kessel: “It's good to reflect on who you are from time to time. Self-insight is the most important thing if you want to progress and grow. That can be difficult, it's not always easy. Through the programme, we encourage people to take on that challenge, and step out of their comfort zone. Courage, confidence, decisiveness — these are important competencies. They are what give you energy and lead to development. So this programme is not a short-term process and will have an influence on the entire organisation. But if you want to develop talent, you have to make time for it.”

The programme is an investment for all the parties concerned. Participants went through a strict selection round before they were signed up. Van Oosten: “Young people don't want to stand still. They want to be an added value. They need development, but also support. For example, regarding the work-life balance. I believe that self-insight is the greatest asset you can give a person. Other people are the mirror you look into and through which you learn.”

We work intensively not only with young talents. Van Kessel: “We are expanding the requirement for training and development. Young people expect guidance, and so we expect a different role from our managers.” Van Oosten: “That's what I like about Van den Bosch. Time and again, they show they have the collective courage to look at how they can take another step forward.”

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