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Liquid Food

Transporting liquid food is a speciality requiring a forward-looking attitude. By approaching the supply chain in a smarter way, Van den Bosch is contributing to positive, sustainable and tangible change within this sector.

With our smart, intermodal solutions, we are already bringing a lot of change to suppliers and customers throughout Europe and Africa. We’re transforming a variety of supply chains: from edible oils and fats to juices, glucose, yeast and alcoholic drinks.

Equipment innovation
The liquid food fleet is extensive consisting of tank trailers and containers, both 20ft and 25f, with a capacity of up to 36,000 litres. By focusing on equipment innovation, we reap ongoing benefits. The lowest possible weight, an optimal insulation value and new possibilities for temperature-controlled transport, for example.

Optimal payloads
The big advantage lies in optimising payloads. For example, we have developed a lightweight tank container with high insulation value for heated transport of oil and fat. This helps you make considerable savings on your logistics costs. We also make use of heating and cooling units at strategic locations in our network, further optimising payloads. And of course we offer reefer containers for the refrigerated transport of juice, among other liquids.

Previous loads
Van den Bosch is one of the largest transporters of liquid foods worldwide. In Europe we have built a comprehensive intermodal network and in Africa we are even market leader. We pride ourselves in making a difference when it comes to food safety. Not only through the use of specialist and smart equipment, but also by providing real-time insights into the location of your product, the expected time of arrival, previous loads and temperatures. In this way, you can be sure that your food is always in good hands.

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