Standard Tailor Made

Improve the logistic quality of your supply chain, cost reduction and applying innovative concepts to enable you to make your transport movements and your company future proof. Nice idea, but how?

Formulating the smartest solution to fit you precisely requires interest in your organisation, your logistic talent and a bit of guts based on a sound foundation. Van den Bosch Transporten is that committed partner with those innovative ideas that help improve your output.

Cut costs and increase quality by:
- Modal shifts, shifts from road transport to intermodal transport.
- Mobile stock in the area of the delivery location to reduce risks.
- Relay customer-order point of detachment with a more stable stock management as a result.
- Use of just-in-time deliveries, making stock costs shrink.
- Join a cost reduction program.
- A vendor managed inventory, with us managing your stock.
- On-site employees handling and checking all loading and unloading.

We take care of your concerns for you from the beginning till the end with our total logistic services.