Process Analysis

 You work with us to increase your logistic output. That is why it is sensible to regularly check together if the service that is provided can be even more efficient and to which extent processes are up to date and future proof.
Your process analysis
Would you also like to have a maximum output in the future? Then we would just like to review the different ways of working and handling in your processes. Such a process analysis will show how to improve performance with simple and innovative solutions.

'To the Next Level'
- By clearly mapping tasks and responsibilities.
- By making flow charts and establishing and securing processes.
- Further automation and more efficient use of equipment.
- Practical application of information and clear formulation of goals.

Transport engineers
The innovation solutions and knowledge development come from our transport engineers. They have fresh ideas, professional knowledge with a lot of experience and they are the link between your organisation and Van den Bosch Transporten. They provide knowledge transfer, increased output and process optimisation, and they will always run the extra mile to take care of your concerns for you.

Contact us now and see how we can help you professionalising your processes

German client who previously used to transport 13,000 tonnes dry bulk per truck and has gone intermodal:

‘Now only three drivers come on my customer’s premises and in the past we had to explain the unloading situation to a new inexperienced driver every week.’


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