Carbon footprint

Standstill or regression?
Perhaps not… Progress fits in much better with our drive and ambition, however. Literally of course when it concerns our trucks and figuratively when it concerns your output. Progress means anticipation on changes in the market in a responsible and sustainable way.

Reducing CO2-emmisions
Increasing your output can be combined well with responsible entrepreneurship. Having received the Lean & Green Award (acknowledgement for sustainable logistics) we will gladly inform you how we can reduce your ecological footprint, also called your carbon footprint, together by reducing your CO2 emission.

We reduce your and our carbon footprint:
- We plan more efficiently and reduce the number of empty kilometres.
- We optimise your payload and drive fewer kilometres.
- The Green Driver Program. Our drivers drive more economically and with less damage.
- We combine various modalities and reduce our emission by 25%.