Transport of emulsions

Latex, resins and adhesives. These emulsions are frequently used in the paint industry, the paper and cardboard industry and in carpeting and mattresses. Thanks to our dedicated approach, you can be ensured that the transport of your emulsions is in capable hands at Van den Bosch.

Specific handling
Where the transport of regular chemical products is available on a large scale, the transport of emulsions requires specific handling. The equipment to transport emulsions is difficult to clean and strict requirements apply to guarantee product quality and safety.

Dedicated equipment
Van den Bosch Transporten is a specialist in the transport of emulsions. We have a dedicated fleet available, consisting of a growing number of over four hundred tank containers and tank trailers, both single and multi-compartment. We are also able to transport your emulsions in flexitanks.

Unique cleaning concept
You can benefit from our dedicated approach. You will, for example, work with a team of experienced emulsion experts, advising you on the transport of your emulsions. Moreover, thanks to our special emulsions cleaning programme, you will save up to 75 per cent on your cleaning costs.

Why would you opt for our emulsion solution?

  • Your goods will be transported in dedicated tank containers and tank trailers for emulsions.
  • We offer you interesting rates for both road and intermodal transport.
  • You save up to 75% on cleaning costs thanks to our special cleaning program for emulsions.
  • You work together with a team of experienced emulsion experts.
  • We meet strict requirements to guarantee the quality and safety of your goods during transport.
  • Our staff is up to date thanks to various e-learnings and trainings.
  • We provide various supporting logistic services to simplify your processes, such as storage options and on site concepts.
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Would you like to know more about our transport solution for emulsions and our dedicated cleaning concept? Feel free to contact us.