Dry Bulk Road Transport

Looking for a reliable transport partner? A partner who is well organised just like you and who will carry your dry bulk with care? Rely on the logistic talent of Van den Bosch Transporten.

Dry bulk tipper transport
For your grain, soy beans, cocoa or other dry bulk, you can rely on Van den Bosch Transporten. We use equipment that can be kept clean more easily. On top of that, a number of tipper silos and pressureless containers have a rotary valve, so that your product can be unloaded under pressure anyway. Moreover, you can select standard one compartment tippers or multi compartment tippers, so both smaller and multiple deliveries are possible.


Bulk pressure silo transport
Trust the expertise of our silo department for your dry bulk transport. Our equipment meets every safety regulation possible, is equipped with the newest devices and is unloaded according to specific procedures. Unloading your plastics, food stuffs, or (petro) chemicals bulk is done quickly, safely and efficiently.

Trust your dry bulk road transport to Van den Bosch Transporten.
We take your services ‘To the Next Level’.