Your requirements combined with our extensive fleet will provide you with the right equipment for every order. Van den Bosch Transporten only uses the best suitable equipment for your transport.

Information we would need from you:

Tell us which product, destination and quantity you want us to carry for you and we will find you a trailer or container with the optimal payload. For a maximum payload will keep your costs in check and moreover creates less CO2 emission. Also interested in sustainable business, payload optimisation or increased output? Please request your intermodal scan!

Product Specific Requirements
What would you like us to carry for you? When selecting the equipment, we take the temperature required for the load into consideration. Your load is in safe hands with us, for we have a thorough knowledge of the products and our drivers are competent and well trained.

Intermodal Transport & Sustainable Business
Rail transport and over sea transport is on the rise. Intermodal transport may often be utilized more flexibly, cheaper and also more environmentally friendly due to less CO2-emission. Intermodal transport: the right solution for you?

Please request your intermodal scan to find out if this is the right solution for you, too. Please inform us of your needs and we will take your services ‘To the next level’.