Partnership Van den Bosch & UNICEF

Van den Bosch is supporting UNICEF since 2011. We want to take our social responsibility by contributing to their activities in the field of fighting world hunger & standing up for children’s rights.

Van den Bosch Transporten & the food market

As a big player in the bulk transport market, Van den Bosch Transporten is an important contributor to the logistic chain of raw materials that contribute to social well-being in the Netherlands, in Europe and even beyond. A very important part of our organisation is involved in the transport of bulk products that are processed as raw materials in our daily food. Because of the role of our organization in that logistic food chain, we have purposefully chosen to clearly connect to the food market for our sponsoring policy. 

World hunger
Over 200 million children are starving worldwide. Sometimes they are even dying from it, or – when they survive – mentally and physically lag behind to such an extent, that they will never be able to catch up. Nutrition is crucial in the development of the world population and of the future generations. Van den Bosch Transporten works with food every day. World hunger therefore is something that deeply touches our organisation. Of course we cannot solve this problem, but we can be socially responsible by supporting UNICEF in standing up for children's rights worldwide.

Van den Bosch Transporten & UNICEF 
World hunger connects Van den Bosch Transporten and UNICEF in every respect. The structural support to UNICEF contributes to less world hunger and children’s general development. In this way, we deliver a valuable contribution to society and our sponsoring remains close to home: food and wellbeing. In 2019 we prolonged our cooperation with UNICEF. The focus is on improving newborn care and nutrition in South Africa. In addition, Van den Bosch supports an innovative project to convert plastic waste into building bricks for schools in Ivory Coast.

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