Strong growth of pressurized container activities

Successful Broekema Bulk takeover 

September 24, 2018 - Nearly three months ago, Van den Bosch has taken over the company Broekema Bulk. This resulted in further expansion of the dry bulk activities, especially in the field of transport with pressurized containers. “Thanks to the expansion of our fleet, we have grown into the largest pressurized container carrier on the European market”, says Commercial Director Paul van de Vorle.

Van de Vorle is satisfied about the Broekema Bulk takeover. “With the takeover, we aimed to realize further growth of our dry bulk activities in Europe. Just like Van den Bosch, Broekema developed into a strong player in pressurized container transport. There is a growing demand for this specialism, for example for the transport of powders which cannot simply be unloaded by a pressureless container.”

Growth in the United Kingdom
The past months were dominated by the integration of activities, from welcoming new customers, suppliers and employees to preparing the equipment and the implementation of the activities. “Nearly all activities could be maintained, which is making us proud”, Van de Vorle says. “The takeover resulted in further extension of our dry bulk activities, mainly in the United Kingdom, where Broekema acquired a strong position.”

Strong European network
Also Dirk Broekema is positive about the takeover. “As the owner of Broekema Bulk, the takeover was a big step for me, both from a business and a personal point of view. Now the first phase has been completed, we are able to finetune the integration of the activities and discover our future potential.” 
Dirk Broekema still is the point of contact for his customers. “They benefit from the extensive intermodal transport network of Van den Bosch in Europe, also in the field of liquid bulk transport. Moreover, various additional services are offered, such as on-site concepts and connectivity solutions.”

Pressurized containers
Van de Vorle and Broekema aim to realize further growth of the dry bulk activities in Europe. “Both our fleet and our network have grown and we may now call ourselves the largest pressurized container carrier in Europe. With this position we are able to anticipate on the increasing demand for transport of dry bulk goods, aiming specifically at further development of our activities with pressurized containers.”

There is a growing demand for transport with pressurized containers