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Temperature Controlled Transports

Temperature controlled transports: A specialism. Delivering a product abroad, that only is possible by road transport, right?

The opposite is true. Van den Bosch Transporten carries conditioned products more often intermodally. Therefore we purchased 500 tank containers. 80 % of these tank containers are equipped with the possibility to transport your product while controlling the desired temperature. These containers do not only have the capacity to heat a product; also cooling is a possibility. Heating or cooling takes place by plugging the tanks on board of a boat, on quay or on the truck.

Above all, the isolation of these containers is optimal and they have a high cooling- or heating capacity. The containers can also be equipped with a tracking & tracing system. This technique creates the possibility to request the temperature during transport, via an internet connection.

These new tank containers meet all the needs the market requires. By using the newest innovative techniques Van den Bosch Transporten stays ahead on the market of temperature controlled transports in bulk.