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Positive Feedback Inspection - No failures identified
On November 15 and December 19 of 2011 the Labour Inspection and the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water management conducted research at Van den Bosch Transport. At January 3th the results of the research were presented. The Labour Inspection did not identify any defaults or failures concerning rewarding and use of labour. Both parties did not impose any fines or penalties. The Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management formulated recommendations that will be adopted by Van den Bosch Transport.

National Research
The research regards an extensive scan of the organisation, in which documents were considered and further information was on elaborated. The research’ goal was to gain insight in the procedures of Dutch companies with respect to the use and rewarding of foreign labour.

Research Content and Final Results
The range of subjects within the research was large. In specific the parties spoke about the rewarding concerning foreign labour, and about how Van den Bosch Transport designed her organization with respect to the usage of drivers nationally and abroad. The positive results of the research give reason to no longer doubt about the organisation Van den Bosch Transport and the negative publicity around the subject.

In European connection, there will be plenty of discussion concerning this subject, according to operational director Marcel Wouterse. ‘The subjects are interesting and provocative. We believe that there is a solution in searching for cooperation between major parties under which the Labour Inspection, the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management and the social partners. Innovations and a different way of approaching the matters will lead the way. Van den Bosch Transport makes the first step toward this subject and is pleased by the results of this inspection. Also about the constructive approach of the Labour Inspection and the Ministery of Transport, Public Works and Water Management’.