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Team Van den Bosch participates in Le Dakar Rally 2012

It must become a pan-American fiesta; the trek through the 3 largest South American countries Argentina, Chile and Peru. The immense territory ensures an exciting journey through a breath-taking landscape whereby the route will connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. Both departure and arrival days are on Sunday; in between 14 tough rally days. More than 9,000 kilometres have to be covered and thousands of bends and many heights later there’s the finishing line in the Peruvian capital of Lima. Peter van den Bosch, CEO of Van den Bosch Transports, participates in the Le Dakar Rally for the second time as a pilot. Together with team Jumbo, Van loon & equip Timmermans well known as team XDakar.

Argentina: heading for the hills
The starting ceremony will be on the majestic Plaza Colon, in the 7th biggest city in Argentina: Mar del Plata with more than 600,000 inhabitants. This city, a Jesuit missionary post from the 18th century near the Los Padres Lake, has become the largest luxury seaside resort of Argentina and for a long time it was the favoured retreat of Buenos Aires’ richest inhabitants which made Mar del Plata earn the nickname of the Argentinian Biarritz. It’s a country with beautiful landscapes but all competitors especially will remember the enthusiasm of the Argentinian public. Almost 3,5 million spectators came to witness the spectacle of LE DAKAR. Used to journeying through Argentina, the competitors will make a bee-line this time for the fascinating but also treacherous Andes Mountains.

Chile: en route for the Atacama desert
We will enter Chile over the Andes mountains. With 4,300 km from north to south and almost 5,400 km of coastline in total, Chile is practically unrivalled geographically.However, it is never more than 350 km wide and even shrinks to a width of 15 kilometres in the south. The riders will make the same loop in Copiapó as they did during LE DAKAR 2009, followed by a well-deserved rest day. After the rest day, the competitors will really go through it with stages through the most dry and high desert in the world. The Atacama desert is situated an average of 610 metres above sea level and due to the enormous dunes it will be a challenge for as well the riders as for the navigators.

Peru: another face of the desert
We enter the beautiful country of Peru from sea level but this certainly doesn’t mean that the riders are doing well. The dunes often look endless long and those who are homesick for the stages in Mauritania can really let their selves go. For LE DAKAR, Peru is a new country. The country holds beautiful antiquity’s like the Inca culture with the magnificent Inca town Machu Picchu, which has been listed as an UNESCO World heritage. Our team members however won’t see much of it and will look forward to the end of the rally. At the end of the 14th stage, the convoy will enter the capital of Peru, Lima (with a population of 10 million). Founded in 1535, it’s the 5th biggest city in Latin America. The finish of LE DAKAR 2012 will be at the Plaza mayor (or Plaza de Armas), the historical square which has also been listed as an UNESCO World heritage.

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