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Small adjustments after concluded inspection by Environment and Transport Inspectorate (Inspectie IL&T)

Early December last year, the Environment and Transport Inspectorate concluded an inspection at Van den Bosch Transporten. As a result of this inspection, the logistic services provider will improve the administrative processes for the registration of work and rest times.

This concerns simple adjustments which the drivers can easily carry out themselves and which mainly have to do with registration discipline. To simplify this administrative process for drivers, Van den Bosch Transporten has planned considerable investments for 2014, which will simplify the registration system considerably.

Besides the work and rest times registration, the Environment and Transport Inspectorate also investigated matters like the exploitation of foreign companies, borrowing drivers from other companies and cabotage. Van den Bosch Transporten has had a candid relationship with the Inspectorate over the years and collaborates in the horizontal supervision project. This way of working requires the preparedness to accept feedback and to convert it into adjustments. This has resulted in various organisational adjustments by Van den Bosch Transporten over the past months. The organisation thus creates more clarity on the complexity of today’s European logistics. It ensures continuous improvement of processes in the organisation on the other hand.