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Health Mark Bulk Transport: Initiated by Van den Bosch Transport

Logistics service provider Van den Bosch Transport in Erp insists to establish a European Health Mark for bulk transport. The organisation contacted the Dutch Tank- and Silo Association (DTSA). Van den Bosch is convinced over the fact that a serious health mark with a high qualifications for membership will be indisputably contribute to professionalism and reliability, which in turn contributes to the image of the entire branch.

New Strategy
Lately, Van den Bosch Transport presented a new strategy for the coming 5 years. This strategy results in developing a differentiated image from competitors in the market. This jump in quality should be applied to the complete branch of bulk transport. Unfortunately, there are still organisations that prove the opposite.

“The quality safetying in bulk transport is familiar with an extra dimension compared to the transport of stuffed goods.  In our specialism we are the temporary package of the product of our customer. The customer relies on their logistic service provider. It requires a lot of confidence between two parties”, according to Hans Kanters (commercial director). He is convinced that the entire sector of bulk transport should share this opinion.