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Green Driver of the Year! Fuel savings

How swell is it as a Green Driver to save fuel and take care of the environment, only by adjusting your driving style a little. You also spare your tyres and brakes. But above all, your driving is calmer and nicer, resulting in also safety going to the next level!

When a driver saves between 2.5-4.5% of fuel per year, he is a Green Driver. A saving of 2.5% quickly means € 1,000 on a yearly basis! How do drivers become a Green Driver? They have to make sure that the tyres have the right pressure, that they keep enough distance (so that you can drive your own driving style),  look far ahead, use cruise control as much as possible (when circumstances allow it) and let the car roll out as early as possible (in gear), so that a driver gets to the stoplight or the roundabout almost without braking.

Van den Bosch Academy calculated which driver saved most fuel by driving green this year. We can congratulate Rocco with his excellent achievement. Here we see Rocco, who was given a new Green Driver outfit by Van den Bosch as a thank you. Congratulations, Rocco!