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Intermodal Transport - What is it?

At May 10th, unitmanager Barry Gruijters of intermodal silo transports went to 'ROC Eindhoven' to educate the students all about intermodal transport.

A group of 20 enthusiastic students is busy searching for items with respect to transport which are not incorporated in the current education. The students study 'Transport & Logistics'. Therefore, Van den Bosch Transporten was invited to educate the students with a class about intermodal transport: a subject which is under exposed.

For the students an extra ordinary chance to bring theory and practice together. After the theoretical background, the students asked questions.
Van den Bosch Transporten did bring a truck, chassis & containters to really experience intermodal transport. For example, material training, loading and unloading, and the role of the driver in the process were discussed. Overall, it was a very educative and nice day!