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Strategic collaboration Nijhof-Wassink and Van den Bosch

The logistic service providers Nijhof-Wassink from Rijssen and Van den Bosch Transporten from Erp, are planning a strategic collaboration. Van den Bosch Transporten intends to take over Nijhof-Wassink’s intermodal dry bulk activities.
The take-over would include 15 employees, 13 trucks and trailers and well over 300 dry bulk containers.

Nijhof-Wassink is planning to focus on silo road transport even more in the future. The collaboration with Van den Bosch Transporten is also reviewed in that area for the best possible results. Intermodal liquid transport remains a very important focus area for Nijhof-Wassink.

Van den Bosch Transporten is focusing on growth in intermodal transport. “This take-over is completely in line with the strategy of our company”, says Peter van den Bosch (managing director of Van den Bosch Transporten). This will have positive results for Van den Bosch Transporten for the growth of both its Dutch and Hungarian branches. This step also supports the strategic growth in the Eastern European market, which has been serviced with liquid tank containers for years already.

Van den Bosch and Nijhof-Wassink are no strangers to one another. Nijhof-Wassink and Van den Bosch Transporten have been working together for several years in order to be able to offer customers strategic advantages. ‘The customer is king and focus is of utmost importance’, Freddy Nijhof (managing director – Nijhof-Wassink) concludes.