V-CO will paint equipment Van den Bosch

As per 1 June 2015 paint shop V-CO will take care of the paint jobs of the equipment of Van den Bosch Transporten.

V-CO is located right across Van den Bosch Transporten in Erp. The company facilitates a variety of activities: from vehicle repair to wet painting, powder coating and lettering. “For quite a while we are active in the market for ‘heavy equipment’ and we would like to grow further in this segment” explains Director Tijmen de Vries. 

For many years Van den Bosch Transporten kept the painting activities in-house. “We however notice that the demand for these activities is declining”, says Peter van den Bosch. “That is why we have made the choice to outsource the painting activities in the future. In V-CO we have found a perfect partner: close to home and knowledgeable.”

V-CO will exploit the former paint shop of Van den Bosch Transporten. “Here we can realize the desired growth of our activities”, says De Vries. “De paint shop possesses the right facilities to serve our current and new customers even better in the areas of among others paint jobs and repair of heavy equipment. On top of this we are happy to welcome Van den Bosch Transporten as a new customer. It is a win-win situation.” 

More information: www.v-co.nl