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Unique driver training

De Van den Bosch Academy, the internal education center of Van den Bosch Transport, launched a new developed driver training. The educational institute claims to provide the best education in Europe. In particular the introduction of the master study is unique.

Van den Bosch Academy
The van den Bosch Academy is the first station at which a new driver receives the necessary education. The past year the educational program includes also lessons concerning CO2-emissions & corporate sustainable responsibility. The driver influences the environment with a way of driving. The driver not only gets to know how big his influence is, but he also learns to recognize and prevent criminality on his way. Van den Bosch apsires to take the drivers to the next level! That is why the educational program contains obligatory e-learnin modules which a driver has to complete. After succesfully completing the obligatory e-learning, the driver is allowed to start a career at Van den Bosch.