Road transport

Although train and ship transport are growing, transport by road will always be there. Certainly if you would like to transport goods over a shorter distance and attention of the driver for the product or the process is highly important. Van den Bosch Transporten has been a reliable partner for road transport for many years, who likes tight commitments and reliable deliveries just like you do.

Flexible, traceable and reliable road transport
Tell us when we have to be at which location and we will be there. Our road transport is reliable and flexible. Also now, with more and more traffic congestion. All our trucks are equipped with a board computer with tracing system, helping us to monitor where your load and our drivers are. Real time at any moment of the day.

Tell us what you want to be transported
Whether it is bulk transport by road or intermodal, food or non-food products, dry or liquid freight: we always provide the best suitable equipmentdrivers with a hands-on mentality and a back office with knowledge of your products.

Would you like to know which benefits road transport has for you?
Do the intermodal scan and you will have the answer in no time.