Inland Shipping

Did you know that one in three containers is carried by ship in the Netherlands? And that eighty per cent of the Dutch bulk transport goes by ship? The popularity of Inland Shipping is growing fast. Moreover, it's also an interesting choice for your bulk products.

Inland shipping possibilities for bulk
Besides the Netherlands, with the largest and most modern inland shipping fleet of Europe, there are surprisingly many possibilities in Europe for water transportation. Do you also want to profit of this growth market, this modern fleet and ample opportunities for optimisation? Get in touch and discover the possibilities for your company. 

What makes Inland shipping interesting?
- A growth market in the transportation business and demand is rising every day.
- An environmentally friendly alternative to road or rail transport.
- A reliable modality. The capacity is high, expansion virtually limitlless and congestion extremely small.

Would you like to know which benefits inland shipping has for you?
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