Green Manager

“I would like to be a sustainable company, but doesn’t that cost a lot more money?”
“Of course the environment is important, but won’t it go at the expense of my margins ?”

Actual practice usually show the opposite…
Surely in logistic services it is possible to combine a sustainable business with higher profits. In an industry of CO2 emissions and margins, sustainable business is the solution as well as the topic of today. For in the logistics industry, economic and social interests combine with the care for the environment. It is very well possible to reduce costs, increase margins and do green business at the same time.

Green Manager
The drivers of Van den Bosch Transporten all take a Van den Bosch Master Class. A serious in-house training to drive more economically and to reduce damages. Van den Bosch Transporten is one of the forerunners when sustainable entrepreneurship and taking responsibility are concerned. We are only too happy to pass that green wave on to you!