Equipment analysis

Good tools mean less work. With the right transport equipment you save costs due to a larger loading capacity, a higher loading and unloading speed, besides your product arriving at destination in perfect condition.

Equipment Analysis
Would you like to know which equipment is most profitable for you? Van den Bosch Transporten has developed an equipment analysis taking into account product, geographical route, legal requirements and of course your needs.

Save costs with the right equipment
- Different discharge hoses and systems will allow a higher unloading speed
- Wider pipes and different pumps will allow a higher loading speed
- The highest possible loading capacity with the lightest possible equipment
- Environmentally friendly, because all our solutions are sustainable

For more information concerning our equipment or to download pictures, see our downloads page.

Are you using the full potential of your transport equipment? Please contact us and we will analyse your situation.

A client after using electrically heated tank containers instead of steam heated ones:

"Our customers pay 10% less transport costs, because the tank container is plugged in aboard the ship. There are no costs to steam up the product in Belfast any longer.”