Rail transport

Are you worried about the fuel prices that are sky high, the ever increasing toll costs and the rising anguish over traffic congestion in Europe? Can’t you tell the wood for the trees when legislation on working hours in relation to transport efficiency is concerned? Inquire after the possibilities of rail transport.

The benefits of rail transport
- Rail transport is safe and fast. High speed connections and short lead times to virtually all remote corners of Europe are available.
- Rail transport is sustainable with less CO2 emission than trucks.
- Rail transport is cheaper than you think.
- Intermodal rail transport has a higher payload than road transport, resulting in a very interesting price per tonne.

Your rail transport
Transporting your load by rail is getting more and more interesting. Rail transport is more attractive in combination with other modalities by sea or road. You do not need to invent the wheel yourself, just rely on the knowledge and the network of Van den Bosch Transporten.

Would you like to know which benefits rail transport has for you?
Do the intermodal scan and you will have the answer in no time.