Supporting Units

In order to take care of the transport of your product in the best possible way, we offer you a number of supporting services that are indissolubly connected with our business operation. Next to Education, ICT & Knowlegde Development, the core support services of our company are Cleaning & Technology

You guarantee your customers a 100 percent certainty concerning the quality and specifications of your bulk products. Since we provide the temporary packaging of your product, we offer you maximum certainty and guarantees with regard to hygiene and cleanliness of the transport equipment. We pay maximum attention to the cleaning of our equipment, as well on the inside as the outside. At one of the cleaning locations we work with, we can sterilise the equipment using special equipment that works according to fully certified procedures. An additional form of product conditioning is pressurising tanks with carbonic gas or nitrogen gas. We cooperate with various professional and certified cleaning stations in Europe to facilitate our tank cleaning services.

Because of our expertise and our scale, we maintain our modern vehicle fleet largely by ourselves. We have technical departments for repare, maintenance, various sorts of checks and body-works-related activities. Our technical specialists not only use their know-how for maintaining but also to develop equipment and loading / discharging techniques. In this way, we can guarantee our customer maximum availability with regard to materials. Because of these technical facilities, we can adapt materials to your needs in detail. We are not only able to equip vehicles with the correct compressors, pumps, or pipe-work, but we also develop our products and equipments. This means that our engineers and product specialists are continuously active in pushing our equipment to an even higher quality standard.