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Welcome to the world of Van den Bosch Transporten. This international logistic services provider transports liquid and dry bulk for both the food and non-food industry. With seven branches in Europe and an office in Dubai, Van den Bosch Transporten serves the global market. With 600 employees and an annual volume of almost 2,9 billion kilos of transported product, Van den Bosch Transporten is in the top 10 of bulk transporters in Europe. 4 basic values are the foundation for a progressive vision for the organization.

Supply Chain solutions
Fast, safe and efficient delivery of your load at destination. That is the goal. Based on your requirements, the product and the destination, we deploy various transport modalities to transport and store your load in the most efficient way. This may be transport by train, truck, ship or a combination of those, which is also called intermodal transport. With 350 trucks, 1000 trailers & chassis and over 4000 containers, Van den Bosch Transporten can offer several supply chain solutions. We help you think of best suitable solution.

Quality & Sustainability
Van den Bosch Transporten sets high priorities to quality. This is underlined by the ISO 22000, ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, GMP+, SQAS, Kosher and AEO certificates. In addition, all associates are following a personal training plan. All associates working in international branches are trained and receive refresher courses at the in-house training centre. In terms of sustainability, Van den Bosch Transporten reduced its CO2 emission by 20% in five years. Intermodal transport is a decisive factor in this respect. But also innovation and equipment improvement as well as driver training contribute to sustainable entrepreneurship.

An engaged partner, for both customers and employees. Van den Bosch Transporten is a flexible services provider, who attaches great value to offering a pleasant, healthy and safe work environment to its employees. In addition, the organisation is actively involved in professional developments, but also in what is important in society. That is one of the reasons for Van den Bosch Transporten to have a long standing partnership with UNICEF.

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