Transport of GMP+ products

Whether it is about soy oil, salmon oil or methionine: we transport your raw materials for the feed industry according to the standards of GMP+ International. Thanks to our dedicated approach, we can ensure you safe transport of your goods and an optimum quality upon delivery. 

GMP+ certification
Van den Bosch Transporten has been GMP+ certified since 2000. It means that we comply with all legal requirements in the feed industry. The equipment we use meets strict requirements and audits are conducted regularly to assure you safe transport according to the standards of GMP+ International.

Feed safety is our number one priority
The demand for transport according to the GMP+ International standards strongly increased over the past years. To meet the increasing feed safety requirements, Van den Bosch Transporten has made a dedicated fleet available for the transport of your liquid GMP+ goods. We also work with a team of experienced GMP+ experts, who will advise you on the transport of your raw materials and additives for the feed industry. Moreover, all subcontractors we work with are also GMP+ certified, to assure you of 100% safe transport. 

Why would you opt for our GMP+solution? 
  • Van den Bosch Transporten is GMP+ certified; so are the subcontractors we work with. 
  • Your products are transported safely in dedicated GMP+ equipment. 
  • We provide road transport and intermodal transport solutions. 
  • Our intermodal transport network covers Europe and is growing into the Middle East and Africa.
  • You work with a team of experienced GMP+ experts. 
  • We meet strict requirements to guarantee the quality and safety of your product during transport. 
  • Our staff is up to date as a result of an increasing number of e-learnings and trainings. 
  • We provide various supporting logistic services to simplify your processes, such as storage solutions and on site concepts. 
Download the product case for more information

In this product case we highlight the transport of liquid raw materials for the feed industry. We are also widely experienced in transporting your dry raw materials under GMP+ International conditions. 

Would you like to know more about our dedicated GMP+ transport solution?
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